Loop Mass Documentation

We’re so excited to share this video documentation from Stephen Fishman of AMODA and Ryan Padgett of from the Loop Mass show that we participatd in last fall. Here’s what they had to say about this amazing project: Loop Mass was a joint effort by the Austin Museum of Digital Art and Captive that was […]

Endangered Love Suite

Men are climbing to the moon but they don’t seem interested in the beating human heart   Our music video for Reaganometry‘s amazing 8-minute Endangered Love Suite is now finished. When Butch Webster of Insect Records approached us about creating this video, the only cues he gave were the colors red and blue, water, and a woman’s […]

Apparent Weight

We recently finished a video for Derek Roger‘s upcoming LP, Saturations, which from what we’ve heard so far is absolutely beautiful and we can’t wait to get a physical copy. This video is for an edit of the 14 minute track Apparent Weight, a soft and swelling masterpiece that feels like giant clouds, rumbling vibrations, […]