Happy Twin Peaks Day!

“Like every town you’ve ever seen. And no place you’ve ever known.” 23 years ago today the first episode of Twin Peaks aired on ABC. We love these original TV Guide advertisements for the show, they are so perfectly Lynch and its always so interesting to see how something as esoteric and bizarre as Twin […]

Stones Throw Slays ‘Em

We love Stones Throw’s response to the Cease and Desist from Marlboro for the first Jon Wayne cassette they put out. Apparently Marlboro owns the trademark for the “pyramid shape” seen on their packs, as evidenced below: Go figure. Anyways, here’s Mr. Wayne’s new release. This will surly cease the copyright complaints: Brilliant. All images from Stones […]

Matmos Calling

There are few things more pleasing in my line of work than getting to create designs for some of my favorite musicians, so when I was approached by Henna of Church of The Friendly Ghost (who I have worked with many times in the past, most specifically for NMASS), about creating a poster for the upcoming […]

A Very Twin Peaks Christmas

Here at Recspec HQ, we decided to have a very special Christmas this year, with a very special tree. We watched all of Twin Peaks again in its entirety, to get ready for our 2nd Twin Peaks dress up party in February (details coming soon, click the link to view photos from our last one) […]

12th Night Austin

Exciting news! We’ve had the pleasure of teaming up with some fantastic local businesses to bring the New Orleans tradition of 12th Night to Austin in just a few weeks! Brought to you by Recspec, Coco Coquette, Charm School Vintage, Sister Temperance Tarot and Sweet Ritual – on January 5th we’ll be parading with the […]

I just want to be, Wherever you are

Last night we watched the Arthur Russell documentary, Wild Combination, which was one of the sweetest and saddest and most beautiful documentaries I’ve ever seen. I remember the first time I’d ever heard Arthur’s music — I was certain it was something that had been released within the last year, I couldn’t even begin to […]

Must Be The Season

Happy halloween to all of you creeping creepers out there. It IS the season for spookiness, and we’ve got just the soundtrack for your All Hallow’s Eve – Season of The Witch Volume One. Mixed (and designed, naturally) by Recspec, featuring all of our favorite deep, dark songs. The physical copies are sold out, but […]

Jodorowsky’s Dune

Speaking of great film — we’re very excited about the new documentary coming out about Alejandro Jodorowsky‘s Dune — perhaps the greatest sci-fi film never created. You can watch a trailer / preview for the documentary below: Also loving the above gorgeous poster, designed by DW Design and released by Mondo. Dang. We want this one […]