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Apparent Weight

We recently finished a video for Derek Roger‘s upcoming LP, Saturations, which from what we’ve heard so far is absolutely beautiful and we can’t wait to get a physical copy. This video is for an edit of the 14 minute track Apparent Weight, a soft and swelling masterpiece that feels like giant clouds, rumbling vibrations, […]

Show No Mercy X Recspec

Whew! SXSW is over, and now that the dust has settled we can take a little look back on one crazy, crazy week. Definitely one of the best parts of it for us was getting to do the projections for Pitchfork‘s Show No Mercy day party at ND – with Pallbearer, Pilgrim, Black Tusk, The […]

Quality Visual Prestidigitation

SXSW is imminent, and we’re getting to work hard and play hard. For those of you who will be in town during the fest, here is where we will be doing projections around town. First: this Saturday for our friends and awesome local band Fresh Millions who are playing with The Octopus Project at the Swan Dive. […]

Edgar Allan Slow

Our good friends Zorch (who we’ve blogged about before) have a tendency to (sometimes drunkenly) make up fake bands with various friends and musicians in the Austin area. These fake bands, it seemed, all just existed as jokes, nothing that would ever amount to anything — until they started actually making them all become reality. […]

Recspec ♥s Space

Wow, the Universe really is a strange and stunningly beautiful place. Via APOD (Astronomy Picture of The Day), here’s a recent video of some Aurora Borealis near the border of Norway and Russia. The Aurora from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo. And in the header image, more Aurora Borealis images from APOD (source, click to view […]