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Firework Design Love

Happy 2012, everyone! We followed our yearly tradition and stocked up over the holidays on fireworks for the rest of the year (or at least until the 4th of July!). One of the main things I love about fireworks are the classic packages, the weird typography and illustrations, and the bright colored cardboard sleeves. Here’s […]

Every Day Things, East Texas Edition

During a recent trip to East Texas and Dave’s family farm, we spent a good time rummaging through dust and beautiful old tools in his Grandfather’s shed. Everything was as it seems it has been for ages, distressed and peeling labels, tiny jars of every kind of screw and bolt imaginable. And of course, some […]

Every Day Things, 4 Food Colors

Here at Recspec H.Q., we’re always finding ourselves being drawn to the most common and everyday things, that have nice packaging, lovely type, strange colours, or are otherwise interesting and aesthetically pleasing. We’ve decided to document these little Every Day Things here on our blog, to share with you. New and old (but often old) […]