About We Have Ignition

Recspec is the creative studio of Laurel Barickman (Founder & Creative Director) and a rotating cast of skilled creatives, collaborators, and whiz developers. We exist as a boutique graphic and web design studio primarily, with a focus on crafting unique and long-lasting identities for a wide variety of clients and businesses. We strive to approach every project from unconventional angles, while focusing on the balance between visual beauty and usability — melding our high level of creativity with our extensive knowledge of technology and marketing.

Recspec was born out of the desire to work with unique businesses and creative clients who are looking for solutions outside of the norm, and who want a carefully curated experience with a tried-and-true professional team. While crafting original brands from the ground up is one of our favorite challenges to tackle, we also love assisting with re-branding, identity updates and implementation, print design in all formats, web and e-commerce development (we ♥ WordPress and Shopify), online-based design and marketing of every ilk, plus so much more. We also work with video, specifically creating live video projections for a wide range of collaborative projects and events.

We’re located in Austin, Texas but often work with clients nationally and internationally – everyone from musicians & artisans to small businesses & large scale brands. We love the personal relationships we have with our clients and being able to work with them one-on-one, and the wide variety of projects they bring us. Have a question? Want to work with us? Let us know.

Recspec founder, Laurel Barickman, has over 10 years of experience in the design world – working as the creative director for a college with over 65 campuses, and for record labels, music venues, social causes, and more. Her work straddles the line of being modern while still referencing the past and the best aspects of early, classic design, giving it a timeless yet contemporary feel.

Laurel has a Bachelors with Honours in Digital Media from Middlesex University London.