Introducing Recspec Gallery & the new Recspec HQ

While we’ve been in our new space for a few months now, working hard on a variety of projects, we only recently got to the point where we were ready to show the world our new Headquarters – happily located in Flatbed Press and Gallery here in Austin, Texas. Flatbed is home to many great galleries and artist studios, and our new workspace and studio also doubles as a beautiful gallery. Design and art go hand in hand, and we know so many great artists, that it made perfect sense to utilize our new home and headquarters for this dual purpose.

We had our first opening this past Friday, entitled The Eyes Have It, inspired by the occular nature of being the viewer of art, and sending that gaze right back at us. Aptly, the eye is also our logo mark for the gallery, so it seemed like a very fitting place to begin! You can read a very lovely review of the show from the Austin Chronicle here. Thank you to Melany Dean for the kind words.

We’ve also stocked some select artist goods in our gallery store (because who doesn’t want to curate a gallery store, really!) and selling them online along with the art from the various shows, which will be happening very soon.

Check out our upcoming exhibitions here, the beginnings of our store here, and you can read more about the gallery and our mission here.

Thank you to all who have supported us as a design business, and also now in this new venture. After 10 years as a company we couldn’t be happier with where we are, who our clients are, and the projects we are working on. Prost!


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