French Political Posters from the 1960’s

Given the world’s current political climate, these posters really struck a chord with us – not only for their messages but for their stunningly simple and bold design as well. As they say, Vive la révolution!

Atelier Populaire

Atelier Populaire

Free Information

The beauty is in the street.

Free our public television and radio network.

Let’s keep fighting! Capitalism is feigning.

I Participate, You Participate, He Participates, We Participate, You all Participate, They Profit

Implies that the police were so brutal, it was as if they were released straight out of the mental asylum.

Be young and shutup.

A Youth Who Worries About the Future too Often

In Action They Showed the Source of Their Beauty


Sources: Messy Nessy ChicDocuments from May 1968
H/T: Monk Parker

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