is Live! Curated Mixes & Design from Recspec and Friends

More exciting news from Recspec HQ!

We’ve been lucky enough to work with so many amazing musicians and music-related clients over the years, making everything from show posters to album artwork for them. We’ve also found as we’ve grown as a business to focus more on identity and web design, we’re doing less of that kind of work, and we’ve been missing the loose and at times crazy creativity that comes along with it. So we had an idea of making more self-initiated experimental and creative work, just for fun, but also making it to go along with crafted and curated mixes by some of the great musicians we know. So we created – a home for us to flex those creative muscles outside of the traditional client-designer landscape, but also as an excuse to ask some of our favorite music related friends to make awesome mixes for us. Win-win!

Essentially: they provide the music, we provide the art. Check it out here and enjoy this INCREDIBLE mix by The Cosmic Orphan, available to stream or download here. Happy listening and stay tuned for more great jams, coming soon!

🎶 🔊 🎶

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