And The Stars Look Very Different Today

Saying goodbye to another idol, another beacon, another human being who left this world too soon & who left an irremovable mark and sheen on humanity. Not sure where I read something similar to this: but saying that he is from another planet, that he was too good for us, misses the mark by a lot – the point is that we can be as wild, original, beautiful and other-worldly as he was, he showed us that all of us weirdos and strange ones have a place in this world, and that our impressions can be the most brilliant.


b l u e

b l u e

e l e c t r i c

b l u e

A couple favorite songs / videos:

& some favorite words and articles that have sprung up over the past week:

And the most heart crushing picture, featuring two other greats that we’ve already said goodbye to: Lou Reed and Little Jimmy Scott. I’m sure the ripples could be felt through space when this photo was taken.


I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.

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