Recspec at A Conversation With Creative Professionals

Laurel will be on the panel for the MASS Gallery + Girl’s Guild event: A Conversation With Creative Professionals this coming Tuesday, July 8th. Description and information are below and we hope to see you there!

Are you considering choosing a creative area of study, but you’re not sure how it could evolve into a career? Do you think that meeting some local creative professionals would help you realize the range of possibilities within this field of work? If so, please join MASS Gallery and Girls Guild as we present a panel discussion featuring local creative professionals! In this event, five panelists with diverse backgrounds and job duties will open up to discuss the challenges, perks, and realities of careers in the arts. We will begin with a moderated discussion and close with an opportunity for audience questions.


  • Laurel Barickman, Graphic Designer, Artist and Co-Founder of
  • Jules Buck Jones, Artist and Studio Art Lecturer at Texas State University
  • Christa Palazzolo, Musician, Painter and Educator
  • George Pasterk, Creative Director at Church of the Friendly Ghost
  • Benjamin Slade, Founding Partner and Creative Director of What.It.Is Creative

This event is free and open to the public of all ages, but is especially intended for creatively curious youth. Refreshments will be provided.

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