I’ll See You In The Trees

Sometimes it seems like we’re always posting about those of us who’ve left us, but it’s important to us to give them whatever little space we can here, because they make up so much of who we are and what influences us.

With that said, last night we lost a true gem — Little Jimmy Scott. His story is a wonderful and interesting one: he was popular in the 40’s and 50’s, but faded almost completely in the 60’s. His renaissance occurred in the 90’s after Lou Reed saw him perform at Doc Pomus’ funeral, after which he ended up singing on Lou Reed’s Power and Glory, and later stunned the world with his performance of Sycamore Trees in Twin Peaks. The scene of him singing it in Fire Walk With Me might be, in our opinion, one of the greatest moments in film.

His career spanned 65 years. And his voice is one of the most unique and beautiful voices of all time. It will be so missed.

Safe travels, Little Jimmy Scott. We’ll see you, in the trees.

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