Alien Languages and Musical Portals: NMASS 2014

We love the Church of The Friendly Ghost. We’re lucky enough here in Austin, Texas to have a thriving music community (obviously), even for those of us whose music tastes veer a bit to the experimental and weird side of the spectrum. The Church of The Friendly Ghost is a safe haven for just that, encouraging and cultivating artists and musicians in the community that intentionally colour outside of the lines.

That’s why, when they asked us to make their collectable silkscreen poster for this year’s NMASS fest, we had to get a little crazy with it. We used Stephen Fishman‘s alien language (that he created just for this event), featured a monk with the heaviest of secrets, and symbolism that even we don’t understand. It means SOMETHING. But what? Here’s a retina searing version for your viewing pleasure:

NMASS starts tomorrow, and they’ve got quite the line-up, as you can see (a very small snippet of) above. We’re especially excited to see JG Thrillwell (Foetus and Venture Brothers represent!) and Noveller. Also, we’ll be doing video projections for the Bourdon Ensemble at 6pm on Friday. So if you’re located in Austin, head over to Salvage Vanguard Theater and experience three days of amazing music, from a ton of local musicians and special guests. We promise you won’t regret it!

Edited to add: Turns out, we’ll also be doing projections for the JG Thrilwell and Noveller set. What an honor!


You’ll also be able to purchase our poster at the event – and we might even have some to sell online later (maybe a giveaway?), so stay tuned.

Happy NMASS, everyone! We’ll meet you in outer space.

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