The Ladies of La Botánica

We were so pleased when Carla and Olivia of La Botánica asked if we could help them develop a new identity and website to go with the new incarnation of their herbalism business: they recently shifted from having a small retail space to the concept of a Community Supported Herbalism service, where individuals can subscribe to receive a seasonally appropriate box each month full of tinctures, incenses, teas, and more. The idea really resonated with us – we’re lucky to have some amazing CSA‘s in Austin, and the idea of them applying the same concept to herbalism struck us as completely unique… we instantly were on board. It also helped that their brief was so in line with our aesthetics as well — minimal, elegant, and slightly dark — a wheelhouse we were more than happy to work within.

While they wanted black and gold to be their main colors we wanted to ensure that the site and identity didn’t seem too heavy, so being able to have white space incorporated was important to us. We love rich, old textiles and prints, and a scan of a vintage book cover for the main logo and a painted circle for the secondary, smaller mark gave the darkness that we needed without letting it overpower the whole identity, while also incorporating some texture and handmade elements to tie back into their craft of concocting potions and handmade herb tinctures.

The symbol of the tridentata was essential to incorporate as well, not only because it references their website at, but also because it connects the brand to the root of what they do: the flowers and plants and natural elements that make up the essence of their work.


We carried these inspirations through to their website as well, making our focus usability and letting their beautiful photos and craft be the main focus. That’s why we love minimalism when its incorporated into web design: we feel its important to let what we’re showcasing speak for itself, and to not clutter or confuse the visitor with unnecessary elements. La Botánica’s focus is on handcrafted, high quality herbal goods, with a touch of elegance and luxury aesthetics – something that we aimed to reflect through the subtle beauty and simplicity of their site.




Above you can see what they have planned for their first month of the CSH, which closes tomorrow at midnight, so if you want to subscribe you should right away! It was such a delight to work with Olivia and Carla and we wish them all the success in their new venture, and can’t wait to see what unfolds from month to month. You can find out more about La Botánica here and you can view a couple more examples of our design for them here.


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