Wishing Light Are On The Rise

Unless you’re new to this blog, you probably know that Recspec loves music and are lucky enough to work with many incredible musicians and awesome record labels. It’s even better when we get to work with musicians who are also good friends, so when we were asked by our pal R. Lee Dockery if we could put together a quick design for his upcoming limited edition cassette on Marmara Records, we were more than happy to oblige.

Lee’s music is a mix of deep ambient soundscapes, noise, upright bass, and perfectly placed electronics and experimentations, that when put together create a sound that is wholly his own. This new release Wishing Light Are On the Rise, That of the Flying, Cannot the Long Time Not Put & the Flight Not to Append the Foreign Body is swarming with depth and beauty, and we were so pleased with the artwork we made to match it which used a mixture of photos of broken glass, geometric diagrams, snowfall and sharp serifs.

Fun fact: the (very long) title for this release actually comes from a warning on the packaging from some chinese floating lanterns we bought for our wedding. Really, that was in some way a warning. Hilarious.


You can check out more of Lee’s music on his bandcamp and more from Marmara Records on their bandcamp as well. And thanks to both of them for letting us flex our experimental and creative muscle on this one. Long live cassettes!

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