Between the Sea and The Stars

We’re not sure why we’re so late in posting about this — but November of last year we got married! And of course, a wedding of a graphic designer means that there were many things to design, and while we have already posted them in our portfolio, we realized that we hadn’t yet mentioned them here on the blog as well. It was a small wedding on the coast with friends, super no-frills, and it was exactly what we wanted. Next to the sea, inspired by the stars, perfect. Love!

Our friend and collaborator Laura of Red Press Printing made our heads explode when we were visiting with her at the studio one day by bringing out a collection of old newspaper plates, many of them space and constellation related. They were SO beautiful, and we knew right away that we wanted to use one of them in our announcements. Since we weren’t having a traditional larger wedding for various reasons, we wanted to make something simple and beautiful that people would want to keep as a way of announcing our nuptials. Letterpress + vintage space newpaper plates = exactly what we didn’t even realize we were looking for, and Laura’s brilliance helped us make something far better than we could have ever imagined or made on our own!

Yeah, the above picture basically = our own personal heaven. We chose the plate we wanted, and scanned a print of it which we then edited to create a letterpress plate. That may seem like an extra step, instead of printing straight from the original plate, but it was really nice to be able to customize the plate and design, and we were so pleased with the results. The print consisted silver ink on a beautiful buttery gray paper, with hand deckled edges. Just enough DIY / handmade elements to make them really special.




We also printed a vellum sheet to go on top of the announcements with the pertinent information about the wedding, so that we didn’t have to clutter the actual print with unnecessary information. The end result kept the announcements themselves beautiful and simple, while still being informative enough for our friends and family.


We couldn’t just stop at the announcements, of course. We also designed a stamp to be used on our envelopes. We ended up also using the stamp on labels that we put on candles for our reception / party after the wedding, which ended up being a really nice personal touch. You never know what you might be able to use stamps for! We love getting them for, well, basically everything.



For our friends on the day, we put together a little bundle of space themed gifts and candy, including a handmade constellation creature, spacemen, and stars.


Lau was also lucky enough to be able to help design her wedding ring with our friend and client, the incredible Margot Wolf (click the link to check out the site we made for her!). The constellation and space theme even carried into it, with diamond embedded stars. It was so amazing to draw out a rough design and to see Margot make it a reality, making a ring that is truly unique and extra special. Below is a shot of the beginning stages of the ring — a sketch, loose diamonds, and a wax mold. It’s so interesting to see how its made… check out Margot’s Instagram for other #howitsmade shots of her incredible jewelry.



More or less every stage of our wedding was created by hand, and with love, by us or our incredible group of friends, which really felt like the way it was meant to be. Angeliska of Sister Temperance officiated the wedding, Allyson of Coco Coquette did Lau’s hair, make-up, and bouquet, our friends took photos, and really, it all came together in such a special and unique way that we wouldn’t change anything. Small and special was the way to go, for us. Thank you so much to all of the people who helped make it one of the best day of our lives, really.

And for those of you who are reading and voyeurs, here’s a few photos from the actual day:


022_laumadeup2 037_stunningangel 028_ceremonysun 049_sparklerwalk! 036_hands 067_dawww 093_altar

Thanks for reading! And while we’re feeling extra sappy and nostalgic, below is a mix of songs that we played on the day, some of which we heard, and some which we didn’t, but all very special and dear to our hearts. Recspec por vida!



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  1. Wow. Everything looked so incredibly beautiful. Yay for handmade, small and personal!