The Light in Your Eyes: Recspec Video Projections in July

We were just looking at our calendar and realized how many shows we’re doing projections for this month and decided to put together a little guide for our visual prestidigitations. For those of you who are not aware, while our main focus here at Recspec HQ is graphic, print, and web design, we also love film and working with video. Our main motion output is video projections for events and bands – everything from dance parties to metal showcases to experimental soundscapes have benefitted from our video tomfoolery, and its a great exercise in improvisation (we mix all of our video live with the music) and quick visual thinking.

So if you live in the Austin area and have not seen our video projections before, here’s five (!) opportunities this month to check them out:

We’re extra thrilled to be the new projectionist for the extra-Lynchian dream-like band The Low Lows whose music perfectly coincides with our style, and that we have some extra special stuff planned for. Listen to one of our favorite Low Low’s songs here.

Check out a couple examples of our projection work below (the first being in the more dance-y and upbeat vein and the second being more about textures and subtlety. And we hope to see you at one of the above shows. You’ll know it’s us by the light in your eyes.


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