Endangered Love Suite

Men are climbing to the
moon but they don’t
seem interested
in the beating human heart


Our music video for Reaganometry‘s amazing 8-minute Endangered Love Suite is now finished. When Butch Webster of Insect Records approached us about creating this video, the only cues he gave were the colors red and blue, water, and a woman’s face. Listening to the song over and over and thinking about endangered love, we kept thinking of beautiful Marilyn, so gorgeous, so misunderstood, so smart, and wrapped up in all kinds of endangered love, while being so endangered herself.

If you’ve never read her letter to her psychiatrist about her stay in a psychiatric hospital, you should, as its a beautiful and intense look into an incredible woman who was so, so fragile. The first time I read it, I cried, her pain and confusion so apparent and real with every sentence. Read it here.

As I started to write
this letter about four
quiet tears had fallen.
I don’t know quite why.


We tried to show everything from that vulnerability and pain in this video, to her beauty and charm, and even the moments where it all falls apart and you can see that she is lightyears away, be it from the drugs, or depression, or sleep exhaustion, or what have you. Endangered, indeed. Because of her own beauty, and the world loving her and cursing her all at the same time.

This video was created as a lead up to the release of the new Reaganometry and Butcher Bear record, coming out on Insect Records in April.

Thanks for watching and we hope you’ve enjoyed our latest video projects as much as we enjoyed making them. We’re trying to work on more videos in 2013 and it seems that so far we’re off to a good start. Expect more. Much, much more.


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