New Traditions

We’ve been meaning to write about 12th Night Austin ever since it happened – and we’re just now getting a chance to sit down and really process how amazing that evening was. It was estimated that we might have had over 700 (!!) people in the parade and it truly was a night to remember. The costumes, the joy, the krewes, the dancing, the party, the king cake, everything was so amazing that its overwhelming to take it all in, even after the fact! Thank you so, so much to everyone that came out and participated and dressed up and helped us start what is going to be an amazing yearly tradition, that Austin has been deserving of for a long, long time. It was a welcome bit of sparkle and magic in one of the darkest points of the year, and such a brilliant way to start off the New Year – full of joy and music and dancing. You are amazing, Austin!

Our krewe, Krewe du Bisoux (consisting of myself, Angel from Sister Temperance Tarot, Shari from Charm School Vintage, Allyson from Coco Coquette and Amelia from Sweet Ritual) have some other tricks up our sleeve for the coming year, too. And of course, next January there will be another 12th Night Parade, even bigger and better than the last.

Thank you again to everyone for coming out, to Minor Mishap Marching Band for being our incredible second line, and to Devaki from Fun Loving Photos for immortalizing the evening with her always amazing photobooth. Also a big thanks for the amazing video above by Mary Kang and KUTX! Here’s a few of our favorite photos from the evening – more can be seen here, here, and here.




Gorgeous girls in red. Photo by Fun Loving Photos

Wardenclyffe’s Minimalist Cowboys for their Minimalism Rodeo. Photo by Fun Loving Photos

Krewe de Boux-tay. Photo by Fun Loving Photos

Glitter gatos! Photo by Fun Loving Photos

The Austin Chronicle’s Gay Place dedicated their krewe to the memory of Lisa Left Eye Lopez, who don’t want no scrubs. Photo by John Leach

Our illustrious photographer, Devi. Photo by John Leach

Crowning the King and Queen! Photo by John Leach

Queen Kitty and King Gina by Fun Loving Photos

We already can’t wait for next year’s festivities and for those of you who live in Austin but missed this year, we hope to see you in your full regalia for the next one. A year is just enough time to plan your costumes and gather your krewe, right? Want more information about 12th Night and 12th Night Austin? We have a full page of history and other information on our website, here.

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