Recommended Listening: Nicolas Jaar’s BBC Essential Mix

As is often the case with graphic designers, some nights you find yourself burning the midnight oil, feverishly working on projects, almost super-human in your ability to produce some of your best work in the wee hours of the morning. Or maybe thats just me?

Early this morning on Twitter, I expressed my undying love of Nicolas Jaar, American-Chilean techno darling and electronic powerhouse. Our good friend Belen responded, agreeing, and asked if I had listened to his BBC Essential Mix, which I somehow missed completely. Needless to say, I downloaded it and have been listening to it on repeat ever since.

( Click here to download / Click here to stream )

Being huge, huge fans of Twin Peaks (obviously), the opening sample of Angelo Badalamenti talking about creating Laura’s Theme and David Lynch’s reactions, had me completely sold before I heard the first track. That opening bite sets a perfect precedent for a completely brilliant mix, both soothing and energizing, and the absolute perfect working + designing soundtrack. When I heard one of my favorite songs from the In The Mood For Love soundtrack, I just about died. Highly, highly recommended.

Hope you enjoy it, and stay tuned for more 2-5am posts about the music that inspires and drives us while the stars twinkle wildly in the late night sky.

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