12th Night Austin

Exciting news! We’ve had the pleasure of teaming up with some fantastic local businesses to bring the New Orleans tradition of 12th Night to Austin in just a few weeks! Brought to you by Recspec, Coco Coquette, Charm School Vintage, Sister Temperance Tarot and Sweet Ritual – on January 5th we’ll be parading with the Minor Mishap Marching Band from Maison d’Etoile to The Blackheart, where we will crown the publically elected King and Queen, eat king cake, and dance the night away. As Allyson from Coco Coquette put it:

“This is your chance to shake off the winter doldrums, gather together your krewe, and celebrate with your community. Austin is ripe for a new tradition and you can help us bring some New Orleans cheer and old world magic to this city.”

Sounds just about perfect to us! One of the best parts of the 12th Night tradition is forming your krewe. We’ve put together a pinterest board as inspiration for outfits and ideas, and below are a few ideas for themes for krewes, just to give you some examples of the different types you can come up with. It can be anything! So gather your people and figure out what best represents you + what you are about. Then grab some favors to give out and get ready to flaunt your stuff and display your awesomeness to the world! Other ideas/themes: pandas, stars and the moon, comic books, alien lifeforms, dada-ism, neon, butterflies and flowers, pirates, zombies, oh my!





Anything from pretty and girly, to strange and disturbing, now is your chance to really show what you’ve got. And don’t worry – we’ll all be getting ready together at Maison d’Etoile beforehand if you need last minute lashes or make-up or whatever else you might need to stick onto your costume. And Devaki Knowles of Fun Loving Photos will be at The Blackheart to immortalize your visage. C’est magnifique!

To get all of the details for the night, check out our website (designed by Recspec, naturally) where you can also nominate members of your krewe for King and Queen – whoever you think most embodies magic, zeal and joy – and encourage members of your community to vote, too. There’s also a Facebook event for the event with more details about the parade and party.

So gather your krewe, pick a theme, and we’ll see you at 7pm on January 5th to dance our way through the streets of Austin, illuminating our path and bursting forth with glamour and joy! www.12thnightaustin.com

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