The Color of Pomegranates

The last Sunday of this month marks our third and final (for now) film in our Fall Film Series with Charm School Vintage, and we’ve saved one of the most visually decadent and lush films for last. We chose The Color of Pomegranates (Sayat Nova) not only because it is an amazing and moving film, but because of how visual it is, every scene looks like it could be a painting, and every detail has obviously been thoroughly chosen and thought out by Sergei Parajanov down to every stitch of every piece of clothing.

Its rich, deep colors remind us also of the fall – midnight blues, blood reds, rich yellows. It really is a feast for the eyes. The whole film is a poem, both visually and cinematically.

Sofiko Chiaureli, the main character(s) in the film and thought of to be Parajanov’s muse, is incredible to watch as she shifts between male and female seamlessly, morphing and gliding across the screen with such elegance and grace, its impossible to keep your eyes off of her.

We encourage you to dress up for the occasion, not so much as a particular character, but more inspired by the costuming in the film – alabaster skin, gold detailing, traditional Armenian vests, red lace, stripes, fur collars, live bird companions, and wreaths of flowers. Opulence mixed with religious iconography.

We’ll have muled wine to keep you warm, a fire going, some snacks, and more. We’ll be showing another visually stunning short film – Rabbits Moon (directed by Kenneth Anger) – before the feature, so be sure to get there at 7pm so that you don’t miss it.

And if you’re unsure what to wear or are feeling chilly in the cool November night, Charm School Vintage will be giving 20% off coats and sweaters to anyone at the film as well! Bring blankets to cozy up with, too, for extra warmth.

Hope to see you all November 25th at Charm School Vintage – and thanks to everyone who’s come to our Fall Film Series, we’ve had a blast watching these great films with you all. And who knows… maybe we’ll do it again in the spring.

Get location details and more, by clicking here.

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