Best Meshes of an Afternoon, Evening, or Dead of Night

Well good gotdang, y’all… we got a Best of Austin award from the Austin Chronicle today! We’re super honored and flattered, and they even mentioned the three things that we love doing the most: design, DJing, and video projections.

In their words:

Sure, we love the clean lines and cool twists of graphic designer Laurel Barickman’s print and website projects, from Ume to the ND, from Her Space Holiday to Holy Mountain. And not much sets us more afloat than her (soon-to-be) hubby David Milner’s cheeky Yacht Rock-themed DJ nights. But these kids take it to another level. In addition to their print and aural curatorial sweetness, Recspec does video – specifically video collages and projections for shows. Now, Austin is a town with deep psychedelic roots, from the days of the Vulcan Gas Company to the freakshows of the Butthole Surfers. So if you’re gonna throw something up on a wall behind a band or during a DJ set, you’d better know your B-movie footage from your phosphene daymares. And Recspec does. We believe Maya Deren, the Exploding Plastic Inevitable, and maybe even Jim Franklin would be proud.

Thanks so much for the love and congratulations from everyone. Recspec loves you back!

Curious by what Meshes of an Afternoon is in reference to? Its one of our favorite films by experimental and visionary filmmaker Maya Deren, which we also use parts of in our projection repertoire.

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