Recommended Listening: I Will Not Return Your Records

Just wanted to take a quick moment to tell everyone to tune in now to I Will Not Return Your Records, one of the very best podcasts in all of the ‘net, and brought to you live by the lovely Lorrie Edmonds from Montreal, Quebec. It is one of our favorite parts of Sunday, without a doubt. Ambient, experimental, modern classical, some metal, always perfect.

Hope you’re all having a soothing sleepy Sunday. We certainly are.

Edited to add: The episode from today is now online. Here is the brilliant tracklist, and you can download it via Soundcloud here.

episode #168 / “flesh is willing and you find a way..”

shipping news – sickening bridge versus horrible bed (three-four)
chris brokaw – german song (come) (wandering as water)
come – let’s get lost (don’t ask don’t tell)
hush arbors – the valley (transmissions from sinai)
dirty three – time after (lowlands)
derek rogers – don’t stop bereaving (demo august 2012 – unreleased)
flying saucer attack – to the shore (further)
r. lee dockery – to stand a chance (legends of l.a.)
fennesz – black sea (black sea)
nick cave & warren ellis – down to the valley (the proposition ost)
jason lescalleet – tarnished copper (copper will never be gold) (songs about nothing)
r. lee dockery – the only light (legends of l.a.)
emeralds – magic (solar bridge)
heroin in tahiti – campomorto (death surf)
fennesz – transit (venice)
father murphy – digging the bottom of the hollow (anyway your children will deny it)
200 years – city streets (200 years)
nina nastasia – wakes (outlaster)
rachel’s – ny snow globe (systems/ layers)
matt sweeney & bonnie prince billy – death in the sea (play superwolf)
the dead c – scarey nest (eusa kills)
grifters – give yourself to me (ain’t my lookout)

To keep up with future episodes, be sure to follow the I Will Not Return Your Records facebook page! Thanks for another great afternoon of music, Lorrie. We’ll see hear you next week.

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