Edgar Allan Slow

Our good friends Zorch (who we’ve blogged about before) have a tendency to (sometimes drunkenly) make up fake bands with various friends and musicians in the Austin area. These fake bands, it seemed, all just existed as jokes, nothing that would ever amount to anything — until they started actually making them all become reality. Thus, Raw as Fuck was born, a website dedicated to their side projects and experimentations (like, for example, their Rod Stewart cover band: Raw Stewart).

One of the many band of lore is called Edgar Allan Slow, comprising of a near super-group set of musicians. Recspec’s own David Milner as the front man, R. Lee Dockery plays bass, Henna Chou on guitar and gong and soundscapes, Zac Traeger on keys and soundscapes, and Sam Chown on drums. The concept is simple, yet brilliant: Doom metal with set to Edgar Allan Poe lyrics.

The band was actually formed once the Austin HQ of The Onion asked Zorch to play their Halloween Party at Club de Ville. Zorch suggested Edgar Allan Slow to play instead, and so it came to be!

Here’s some photos from the night, and a video that you can’t see much in, but can hear at least a bit of the performance. The whole set was recorded, so hopefully we’ll be able to post it soon as well. My favourite part was the Tell-Tale Heart, which was ferocious and awesome in its epicness. More to come soon! And you never know, this fake band could end up being a real band after all (or at least every Halloween, or perhaps even, once upon a fortnight)…

“‎It was night, and the rain fell; and falling, it was rain, but, having fallen, it was blood.”

Happy Halloween to all you ghosts and ghoulies out there.

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