Going on a Holiday with Her Space Holiday

Recently, we were very lucky to work with Marc Bianchi (aka Her Space Holiday) on the design for the final Her Space Holiday album (self titled), released last month. Her Space Holiday has been delighting listeners (ourselves included) for over 15 years, and this final album is the end of the Her Space Holiday chapter as Marc continues to make music in different forms and new ventures. Because this is the final album, the design is simple, deeply personal, and classic – focusing intently on the person behind Her Space Holiday, Marc himself.

If you listen to the entire Her Space Holiday catalog in chronological order, there’s a distinct progression not only in songwriting, but in personal perspective as well. There have been moments of optimism, delusions of grandeur, greatness, failure, self-indulgence, bitterness, humor, finger-pointing, compassion, stupidity, wisdom, joy, and loss. But for better or worse, each moment was part of the experience. And with Her Space Holiday, Marc has distinctly wrapped up one life chapter, while simultaneously and optimistically venturing onto the next. (Source)

We couldn’t be any happier with the outcome of the album artwork, which we worked with Marc directly on, every step of the way. Both Recspec and Marc’s own style come through in the design, and is a direct reflection of both the music, and the man behind the music. The music itself is beautiful, and the perfect sort of goodbye – not one you want to make, but since we have to, it couldn’t have been any lovelier.

The album is released both on CD and a beautiful limited edition of 75 on clear virgin vinyl. Both can be purchased directly from the Her Space Holiday web store, here.

Photos by Gabriel Darling / Marc Bianchi

Here’s a great video of an accoustic, live version of the first song from the album, Anything For Progress:


Our deepest thanks to Marc for including Recspec in the creation of this beautiful, final album. Please visit Herspaceholiday.com (also designed by Recspec!) for more information about and to purchase the album. You can also preview the whole album by streaming it directly from the Her Space Holiday bandcamp page.



  1. Oh …my. What a lovely video and a sweet, sweet song. I love the faded wash of nostalgia in the imagery you chose. A wonderful collaborative effort!