Black Lodge 2600

It might be apparent, but we’re big big fans of Twin Peaks at Recspec HQ (see: the photos from our Twin Peaks dress-up party commemorating the 25 year anniversary of Laura Palmer’s death). So it probably goes without saying that I almost had a heart attack when I saw the above image, and of course immediately thought that it was a real physical object, until I checked the copyright date at the bottom.

A little more research uncovered that Jak Locke has created the game as a sort of love letter to Twin Peaks, and has made it available for download (on both PC/Mac) for FREE here. Totally blown away! (Pro tip: read through the manual, its just as Atari-authentic as the game itself!)

Below are a few screenshots I took while playing. Found via Welcome To Twin Peaks. Definitely made my week!

Being serenaded by the best 8-bit version of Sycamore Trees you could ever imagine.

Laura Palmer does not mess around.

In order to keep Bob and your doppelgänger from merging, you must use your ring to control the owls!

Never a good sign.

Huge kudos to Jak for such an awesome homage and totally convincing Atari throwback. Absolutely brilliant.

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