Every Day Things, East Texas Edition

During a recent trip to East Texas and Dave’s family farm, we spent a good time rummaging through dust and beautiful old tools in his Grandfather’s shed. Everything was as it seems it has been for ages, distressed and peeling labels, tiny jars of every kind of screw and bolt imaginable. And of course, some wonderful old labels and design. Here are a few of our favourites.

Especially love the 3-in-1 logo. Simplicity at its best.

I didn’t know this, but the above is used to mark lines for cutting — it has chalk and a string encased inside, and you pull it out taut over where you want to cut and snap it down, which leaves a blue chalk line as a guide. So neat.

Ah, my favourite. I really wanted to lug this huge vice home with me. The oversized 5, the slightly off-kilter type on the word Buffalo. Its just too perfect.



  1. THAT VICE. i would have had a difficult time leaving it, too. these are all incredible. tiny hidden treasures! i love the wealth of inspiration there is to be found in every day things (oh, i see what happened there!). <3

  2. lau

    thanks annie! i’m glad you see the beauty in them too. <3

  3. So rad. Yep – that buffalo vise is definitely killer. Love the font!
    Hooray for your blog – it is extremely happymaking!