A Two Year Launch

Last night was a double celebration, both for the 2 year anniversary of Kon Karne’s Butcher Shop with The Bear – a monthly DJ night that we put on with Insect Records – and for the launch of our new website. Insect Records have long been a part of the Recspec family, we designed their website, make their posters, work on album covers for them, and generally love everything that they do. We also love the Rio Rita, which has become our little home every month, offering the best damned bloody mary’s in the universe, and wonderful friends + fun.

We were also lucky enough to have our friend Katy, aka Katy Cupcake, make 100 cupcakes for us for the night, which only heightened our excitement with sugar and love. Thank you, Katy, they were delicious.

As a present to Insect Records founder and mastermind, Ben Webster, we also constructed and made a custom wheatpaste for the night: a huge cake with a big 2 candle and decoration of steaks (Kon Karne) and bears (Butcher Bear), which will now reside at Insect Records HQ. Happy birthday, Kon Karne, Butcher Bear, and Rio Rita! We love you! The spacemen represent our website launch, which is now sent off into the stratosphere at the speed of light. Zoooom.

Photographic evidence, more of which can be seen here.

Mr. Kon Karne and the faceless Bear.

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