Fire Walk With Me: and the winners are…

First Place: The table Waldo was shot over
Second Place: Dr. Jacoby
Third Place: Josie Packard and her fish in the percolator

And the winners are...

We just got the pictures back from Alison Narro from the photobooth at the party, and there are some absolutely great shots. The above picture is of the costume contest winners (and just let me say here that it was VERY hard to choose, there were so many great costumes) and I am going to put some of our favourite shots of other people that dressed up after the jump. We should be getting some party shots in the next couple of days, and you can see all of the photobooth pictures at our flickr page.

 Cherry pie and damn good coffee? Adorable.

Definitely the best Log Lady of the evening,
a beautiful Lil, and a scary Bob.

Josie and the Black Lodge. Brilliant!

The Giant

Gordon Cole and a great shirt.

Waitress and Laura Palmer wrapped in plastic.
Of which there were two!

Dr. Jacoby and beautiful Julee Cruise,
who sang wonderfully in the band, fittingly.

Maddy (?) and the One-armed Man

Lula (Wild at Heart), Eraserhead and another Maddy (?)

Dale Cooper and the One Eyed Jack’s girls

Another beautiful Josie Packard

Poor, poor Waldo.

Thanks again to everyone that came out and dressed up! Be sure to check out all of the other pictures here.

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  1. these are amazing!